New WLAN Antennas of Ericsson into the vehicle (BUS) window

Ericsson produce new generation antennas with respect to wireless heterogenous network. Idea can be applied to vehicle types containing windows such as car,truck,train.

Constructing the Wi-Fi antenna built-in windows, Ericsson wanted to resolve the problem affecting mobile users who travel by bus and want at this time to establish a connection to the cellular network. Often they can not do this because currently produced glass can contain a thin, totally transparent layer which is made of a special aluminum in glass. This insulation protects passengers by sunlight or low temperatures. In conjunction with the metal casing forming a vehicle, such design is nothing like the classic Faraday cage, which stops the radio waves.

The passengers of the vehicle can not use external cellular networks because it blocks all radio signals. While these are simple, passive antennas, each of which greatly improves the working of internal wireless network.


Source: Ericsson Technology News

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