2012 Electric Vehicle Conference in USA


Source: http://electricvehicle.ieee.org/
This is the first IEEE pure electric vehicle conference. It includes lots of topics about electric vehicle high technology.The topics that the conference includes:
– EV system architecture concepts for passenger, service and utility vehicles (BEV, PHEV, HEV, FCEV)
– Innovations in EV component design
– EV motor drives and controllers
– EV high voltage wiring
– Heating and cooling systems for EV’s
– Innovations in EV energy storage solutions (e.g. battery chemistry, ultra capacitor, fuel cell, battery management system)
– EV systems modeling, simulation and testing
– AC and DC conductive charging, wireless charging, smart charging, fast charging
– Power grid and renewable energy resource interfacing for EV mass deployment
– Design for manufacturing for EV mass production
– EV fleet and infrastructure asset management
– Design for EV maintainability
– Information Technology and Communication services for the EV ecosystem
– Global standards development for EVs and their impact on EV deployment, R&D and manufacturing
– Trends in EV deployment, supply chain and manufacturing
– EV-related educational programs for engineers, legislators and the public

It is the best way to join the conference if People wants to add developments to this community.

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