Planar Knotting Mechanism

The problem is that too much time is needed when weaving a hand made carpet by hand. To solve this problem, a full automated electromechanical system is designed and developed. At first, parts of the system is considered and designed each them seperately. Secondly, kinematic,dynamic and force analysis calculations are made by the planar four-bar linkage of the system. Next step is manufacturing and choosing the material of the system. Delrin and the microservo motors are the main material of the base part and linkages,after that drilling and milling the delrin, microservo motors are put in the mechanism.
planar resim
Furthermore, gears of the mechanism are chosen and the ground part of the system is drilled according to those gears. Finally, mechanism is tested and solved the minor problems which may be ocur in the connecting parts such as bolts. As a result, using this kind of a full automated electromechanical system increase the product speed and there is no need the too much employer force to weave a conventional carpet. The project is below:
Planar Knotting Mechanisms

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