Electric Minibus ITUBUS

Ahmet APAK’s  master thesis is the control design of electric minibus.He is not only control designer but also coordinator of this project group. The electric minibus is one of the industrial and academic milestones in Turkey. The electric minibus provides the needs for clean environment and alternative energy requirements in public transportation, and can travel minimum 120 km at full load with 50kW batteries and has the maximum speed of 150 km/h. It can reach to 75 km/h in 11 seconds.The vehicle gross weight is 3000 kg including batteries and it can carry 20 people having the maximum weight of 4500 kg. The batteries can be charged in 3-4 hours in slow charge mode and have the service life of 3000 charge-decharge cycle.It has a water cooled electric motor and there is no gear box on the minibus. The vehicle control is achieved by the on-board vehicle computer.The project is constructed in Mechatronic Research Center in Istanbul Technical University. The advisor of him is Prof. Dr. Ata MUGAN who is from mechanical engineering department.

The electric minibus and Ahmet APAK’s news are below:

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