Rescue Robot

The rescue robot design aims to achieve going on the way when the hard conditions are to be formed.In this project, robot can climb 30 degree inclanation, can jump from the 8 cm valley and can be used in the harsh areas. The robot is 6 kilos and the maximum height is 12 cm. In addition to them, the speed is 9 m/min, the width of it is 10 cm. The working time is about two hours.The project members are Ahmet, Lutfu AKCİL, Osman UYGUR, Emre TEKIN. This project is achieved in mechatronic lesson which is given by Asst. Prof. Dr. Emin Faruk KECECI. The supplier is Mechatronic Research Center and The director of Mechatronic Center is Prof. Dr. Ata MUGAN who is Ahmet’s advisor. The robot photo and components can be seen in below:
Rescue Robot

The Rescue Robot video is in below:

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