Wed-Cutter Vehicle

The aim of this project was reengineering of the partially finished weed cutter vehicles in 2008. An engineering approach was made to all the problems and new cutting mechanism designs were made as a group. The benefits of parallelogram mechanism were utilized and the combination of the three four bar mechanisms allow to adjust the height of the mechanism manually within a range of 2 cm to 12 cm from the ground and a cutting with of 102 cm. As one of the requirements of this term’s ME 402 course is that the vehicle should be work on the flattened earth which may contain a maximum 5 cm diameter rocks. Therefore adjusting the level of the cutting mechanism above this value has satisfied the requirements of the project. Using an electromagnetic pulley for the power transmission to the blades allows the operator to control the blades manually independent from the engine of the vehicle. The used collection pipe system provides the cut weed with escape easily from the cut area to the back of the vehicle under the chair with the aid of the vacuum created by the blades and deck design. The safety precautions are enough when the operator is careful. Apart from these, no collection box is used because of the high flow rate of the cut weed from the deck. This high rate will require a big volume to collect and this may result with an extra weight to vehicle, a problem of discharge and obstacle to the pavements.The group members were; Ahmet APAK, Ceyda KUCUK, Erdem GOGEN, Haydar NAKIP, Serkan CILARA, Serkan TEKMEN, Umut CEYHAN.The first trial of the cutting process and the vehicle movement are enabled and shown in video below:

The inclination could be climbed, it was shown below:

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