Bocsh Thermotechnique in Manisa produces boilers and Ahmet has worked as an intern engineer in department of product development from July,2008 to March,2009. He have made tests such that wind tests, air venting tests of boilers and plate heat exchanger controll tests. Furthermore, He has calculated total heat transfer of heat exchangers.

Bosch Termotechnique is set up by Bosch A.Ş.(%50) and ECA A.Ş.(%50) in 1992 and this factory is called ELBO. In 1998, Bosch have bought all the factory and the factory is called BOSCH TT.The Factory has three building as it is shown above, the building which is at the left is the product area of the boilers, the building which is at the right and front is the management and product development area and the small building which is at the right and back is the repair area of the factory. The factory has an area for football, basketball and tennis and also has a place to take a rest.
Bosch Termotechnique(TT) Manisa is related with the factories of Bosch as : Wernau-Germany, Averio- Portugal, Deventer-Holland, Drancy-French, Worcester-England, Shunde- China.

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