Izmir Instıtute of Technology(Iztech) is one of the best universities in Izmir in engineering departments. The education tongue is 100 percentage English. In the universities, generally, the education quality is enabled by faculty member.This is to say,Iztech enables students to study in High quality with this rule. The new Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Guden and Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Sedat Akkurt are some of the best professors in the field of material engineering. The mechanical engineering department has lots of valuable faculty members in other fields. Ahmet APAK has also been graduated in this department in 2009.

The Izmir Institute of Technology is positioned between Urla and Cesme which is opposite of Gülbahçe Village. It is far away from Urla about 11 kilometers. The University includes dormitory and residences for students and faculty members. The dormitory is cheap and it has lots of opportunities for the students because it is like apart hotels. You can reach the İztech web site from below link:

The Izmir Instıtute of Technology representation video is below:

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