Noise Protection on Signal Applications on Vehicles

Noise is a problem on signal conditioning on vehicles. There are the solutions to protect the vehicle signals from noise when you have an application on vehicle. For example, when Ahmet APAK have worked on control and electronic application of producing of the first electric minibus in Turkey with Hasan Heceoglu who is also project engineer in Mechatronic Research Center in ITU in Turkey, they have had a problem which is the forward and bacward button that enables vehicle to going forward and backward. The button of signal conditioning has the noises from the environment. The signal process is between the button and vehicle controller microautobox. The signal types are digital inputs. These digital inputs have two ends which are coming from the button and going to controller digital input mounts. If these signal wires ends which are near to autobox controller are connected with ground with the resistance (for example, in our application the resistance value is 1 Mohm), the noise problem on signal wires are abated. This is an experimental experience which is shared with the people that is important.

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