Electric Vehicle Developments in Turkey in 2011

The electric vehicle have been searched in Tubitak, in Otam in Istanbul Technical University, in Mechatronic Research Center in Istanbul Technical University which produces the first electric minibus in Turkey that is also including Ahmet APAK, in Renault in Turkey, in Fiat in Turkey. The automotive industry which are Renault, Fiat, Ford and the others thinks the electric vehicles are commonly used in the near future but there are the political and strategical problems. Renault is producing the electric cars in Bursa in Turkey because they think they should have big market share but they have the R&D facilities in France. Fiat likes the reserach and development about electric vehicle but they can not produce as serial production in 2011 because their research and development source and money are not shared for it. Ford produces or develops the electric cars in the other countries. Mercedes and BMW wants diesel cars to be used in the near future, and also they have developed the hybrid cars because they use their multitude of source for the hybrid, diesel and speed technology.


Source: Ahmet APAK

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